Skelmersdale Family Overcome Loss Of Income

Skelmersdale family, the Fletchers, were able to overcome loss of income by selling their property to Kwik Sale.

Skelmersdale Sell Home To Overcome Loss Of Income

Life was looking bright for The Fletchers. 2008 had been great a year for the Skelmersdale family, as they had recently had their home renovated with a new kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. They had also been on a dream holiday to Mexio, bought a new car for their eldest daughter and were looking forward to sending their son to university.

Disaster struck at the start of 2009, when wife Rachel lost her job in management IT. A couple of months later, husband John had to take a 35% pay cut. The family were devastated.

"We had taken loans for the renovations, the holiday and our son's stay at university and couldn't pay them off" recalls Rachel. "Everyday we had debt collectors chasing us. Life was a nightmare".

Faced with county court judgements and the threat of bailiffs, the family were in serious trouble. Fortunately, Kwik Sale came to the rescue.

"I found Kwik Sale after searching the internet for "house for cash" on Google" remembers John. "we filled the in the contact form on the website and got a call back the next day".

"We couldn't believe how much Kwik Sale could offer for our house. They even offered to pay in cash" added Rachel "Best of all, they even let us rent back the home, allowing us to enjoy all the renovations we had made".

The family are now set for even more exciting year in 2010.

To protect our customers' privacy, all case studies are fictional dramatisations of actual events. Names and locations have been changed, and stock photography has been used.

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