Skelmersdale Couple Avoid Repossesion

Patrick and Emma, from Skelmersdale, avoided repossession, by contacting Kwik Sale.

Skelmersdale Couple Avoid Repossession

Patrick and Emma's first wedding anniversary was anything but romantic. The couple from Skelmersdale, Lancashire received a repossesion notice, which arrived on the day of the anniversary. "I had planned to surprise my wife with an exotic holiday to Egypt, but this ruined everything" laughs Patrik.

"Looking back, we should have been more careful with our spending." reflects Emma "But it was too late for hindsight now. We needed cash and fast!"

The couple tried everything to raise enough funds, but hit a dead end.
"We just couldn't get any more money" remembers Patrick.

Emma found the answer on an internet chat room. "Some one in the chat room had the exact same problem as we did" said Emma "They mentioned searching the internet for people who buy property. I did a search for "Buy my property for cash" and came across the Kwik Sale website."

The rest was easy for the couple, as one call to Kwik Sale and they received an instant decision. Shortly after they received cash, which they could use to pay off their debts. The used the rent back option to stay in the house.

The couple are now look forward to a hopeful future. "Our second wedding anniversary will be extra romantic and it's all thanks to Kwik Sale."

To protect our customers' privacy, all case studies are fictional dramatisations of actual events. Names and locations have been changed, and stock photography has been used.

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