Liverpool Couple Sell House To Beat Redundancy

Redundancy didn't stop Jason and Kim

Liverpool Couple Sell House To Beat Redundancy

Jason and Kim's world fell apart after Jason was made redundant having served 10 years as a bank manager. The Liverpool based couple had never thought Jason would ever lose his job and so had never made any contingency plans or savings.

"We were devistated" said Kim, "We had a mortgage, car loan and store cards to pay, plus we were also expecting our first child. Without Jason's job we couldn't keep on top of our commitments and were being harassed by debt collectors on a daily basis".

All was lost until Jason discovered Kwik Sale. "A friend told me about Kwik Sale. I had thought about selling in the past, but in the current climate, no one was buying. That wasn't a problem for Kwik Sale. Within a week, they had paid us, in cash, a generous price for our house."

The cash they received for their house allowed the couple to make a fresh start. "We paid off our mortgage, loans and store cards in one go and managed to put some away into our a savings account" stated Jason. "We can now look forward to raising our beautiful baby boy, without the worry of debts and loans"

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